4 thoughts on “spring already

  1. Anna!

    Very lovely, I like the scarf on the door and the vase on the stacked books and the desserts the most!

    I love Spring in California! If there is enough rain it is very green in the hills! But get out there and let that green in (or photograph it) ASAP, because it soon dries out and dries and dries~~ which will give you a whole different venue, the golden hills of California!

    Are you going on any day trips out of the city with your Mom? Will you rent a car? Big Sur is a gorgeous trip, but probably an overnight and you could get massages at Esalen Institute, a natural hot springs on the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean, you’d have to schedule ahead of time. Or, just about an hour down the coast is Bean Hollow beach, so very sweet, been there with your Mom, it’s a little cove. Santa Cruz rocks!! I wish I was going to come down and see you both together, but sounds like I’ll get another opportunity to do that!

    So, you’re looking for a job? Should I put another email out to people I know there? If so, what is your ideal, full time or what and what kind? I know you’ve worked at a nursing home, what else have you done? Any office work experience? Good luck!!

    Very beautiful spring flowers opening here, our yard is full of tulips and daffodils right now and the willow tree has it’s sweet baby leaves.

    lots of love, Valerie

    1. hi valerie! thank you for the kind words 🙂
      we were thinking about renting a car and with those suggestions, i’ll definitely make some phone calls! and yes, the job hunt begins. i’m feeling open to a lot of different positions full and/or part. i’ll send over my resume to maybe get a better idea? i can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me. ps the room situation has been absolutely perfect and convenient!

      can’t wait to someday see your flowers 🙂

  2. I was referred to your blog by Erin Fay- my husband taught her in high school:) My husband and I are planning a trip to San Fran in 2 weeks and I’d love to find some “hidden gems” in the city- any suggestions? These bakery treats look out of this world! And you are a very gifted photographer:)

    1. hi chastity! thanks for the kind words 🙂 this city is filled with all kinds of hidden gems. is there any in particular you’re looking for? breakfast/ dinner/ views/ everything? haha

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