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my very first leg of this giant journey began in italy near chiusi with a most welcoming family reconstructing a beautiful farmhouse into a home. i’ll remember the thought provoking conversations and films we shared over amazing vegan meals, the brilliantly bright girls who reminded me to explore and question everything, and going on some of the most scenic runs of my life. i’ve really enjoyed watching the inner workings of another family while feeling included in them. thank you alex and david for being so helpful, kind, & generous. i’ll be back to see how the limewash turned out!

3 thoughts on “the beginning

  1. loved these gorgeous pictures of the countryside in italy… i feel the beauty that you’ve seen

  2. Thank you for showing us things we overlook everyday. You’re a brilliant photographer. There isn’t a single picture we don’t love.

  3. We knew this house when it was a shell and the shower was outside. When the girls were tiny and Ciuccio was slim. They are a lovely family, it is a beautiful place and it and they have helped you create some of your best pictures, I think . . .

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