serving my city

it has been months since my last post, and not accidentally. i have had a bit of a falling out with photography in the last few months. during it all, i.. graduated college, made a documentary on a cross country road trip with (mostly) strangers, had stress induced medical problems, tried to be content with unemployment (wasn’t, and so i), volunteered, got a job, finished a job, and tried to tackle photography once more.

i’ve just been trying to understand what i’m meant to be doing if something in my heart is telling me that it won’t be taking photos. God has been slowly revealing plans and giving signs in ways that only He can. i feel a call to be serving others somehow and have felt this way ever since i came to san francisco. i pushed it to the back of my mind for so long, but after too many signs add up, it just becomes wrong to ignore.

the following photos are from my first photo project in weeks, and it was quite a fitting event. instead of going to church last sunday, my entire church spent the day volunteering in the city’s toughest neighborhood, the tenderloin. it became a beautiful opportunity to help, build relationships, bring some hope, and talk about God to a community in desperate need of Him.

i was excited to give shooting another try for the event, but my nerves grew at the thought of talking or sharing my lack of a story with strangers who probably wouldn’t even want to hear it. but somehow, i met two men who taught me more than i could have imagined trying to teach them. maurice, marcos, and i met on a corner and began opening up to each other. maurice quoted more bible verses than i ever could, and i knew that marcos needed to be reminded of God’s love for him that day.

now, coming from a person who has a deathly fear of praying out loud or even talking about religion, believe me when i say, a miracle happened on that corner. for some reason, i just knew i had to pray for marcos, and he quickly accepted. it doesn’t sound like much at all, but for me, it was completely out of character. yet- perfect. i usually focus more on what i sound like and less on what i’m actually praying for, but the words just came in the most authentic way. tears came to both of our eyes as he explained how i changed his day, but if only he could understand how much he changed mine.

i think i know what i’ll be pursuing more seriously (while still shooting), and i’ll work on posting more to share any news and avoid these dramatic pauses..












4 thoughts on “serving my city

  1. Thank you, my sweet for this.
    Very, very nicely done. In word & pictures. 🙂

  2. ohhhhh!! hi Anna, so very sweet and lovely, I’m happy to read your thoughts and see your pictures and feel the sacredness. We all need dramatic pauses, so don’t swear them off, rest and downtime help us come back and be productive and joyful! I love seeing you love San Francisco and what it holds for you. Love Valerie

  3. So nice to see you helping and doing Gods work! Convoy of Hope was in spingfield last week doing the same for all. Keep up the good (Gods) work ! Ly

  4. Dearest Anna, hope you don’t mind your dad showed me this, I was moved to tears, I love God too and feel so humble with your words . You are finding out what is really important in life-serving others-Blessed are the meak, for they shall inherit the earth. I felt so happy for you and can appreciate what you feel like. God will continue to fill u up with Him and remove any of the fear that plagues you. Read jeremiah 29:11. Being able to serve in anyway for God or others is an honor. Thank you for what you do & for sharing. We are all works in progress no matter what age. Love you,

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