resolution #1: one post/month


on this walk, i shot a whole roll on the wrong iso, overexposing almost everything. then, my shutter jammed when i switched film -in the rain- cutting my frame count down to 24. but how can i call those lost frames a waste if i still enjoyed composing them? if i learned what to do differently next time?

i don’t like to put time into new projects, art, relationships, or even rest, if i don’t think it’ll be “worth it.” if time will be wasted and could be better spent somewhere else with someone else. this leads to a whole lot of inaction and waiting on perfection. resolution #2 is to see the worthiness and goodness in allll things.

rest is reading a book for hours without feeling guilty

art is drawing without posting

church is walking through the woods

2 thoughts on “2020

  1. Wow, peaceful beauty. I’m so glad you shared them with us.

    1. you’re so kind! thank you for saying so!

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